As I stand today….

I know I skipped a whole 23 days in between. They were hectic and when I am a little settled in the routine I will fill in those gaps. Long story short after a new biopsy and a couple of other tests I finally got a diagnosis for Breast Cancer on March 12th. The doctor recommended a treatment plan where i will be doing 20 weeks of chemotherapy followed by surgery after 3-4 weeks of chemo ending then followed by radiation and reconstructive surgery.

As few people have asked me why I have chosen to blog about something that many people seem to be so secretive about. My intention to blog about this process foremost is to keep a journal about this journey so at the end of it I can look back to see how much I have traveled.  The other reason is the amazing legion of bloggers whose experiences I happened to chance upon when I was researching my diagnosis. There stories gave me strength and confidence that I could do this and that while i may not feel it I am strong enough I will get through this drawing from my inner strength which I may not know exists. In the future if only one person with the same diagnosis as mine sees my blog and derives the same strength I got from others then I can feel my blogging was successful.

I am most definitely not blogging to get sympathy. While I know the road ahead is tough and I got a pretty raw deal I am sure I can surface on the other side disease free and happy. So if you plan to say “I am sorry this happened to you” to me DON’T. Instead just tell me you understand this sucks. Share in my belief that while cancer is not a joke I can still be humorous when I tell you about my day-to-day adventures. Cancer treatment and medicine have come a long way where people can have the semblance of a normal life while getting treated. Will it be easy? Absolutely not but curling up in a ball crying is not the way to go. I may need to borrow your strength for the times I am drowning is self-pity wondering what I got this disease. I need your perspective when I am feeling low and can’t find the silver lining to this dark cloud. What I don’t need is your pity and solemn faces. Those only make me weak and worried and both emotions don’t help me much.

This blog will also be one place I will be updating all my medical stuff. I do not want to have to repeat the same story to every friend and relative I talk to. Trust me I have plenty of gossip to keep you entertained. I start my chemo tomorrow. The end of my diagnosis phase and my first step to beating this cancer. The cancer has no idea who it is dealing with….



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