The cat is out

My parents have been busy with all kinds of stuff this last week. There is a neighbor’s wedding, some event at work and all that. I have postponed telling them until these all end. I am probably making excuses to put off delivering bad news.

Today morning I woke up and could not find any other reason to procrastinate. It was one of the hardest call I have had to make. Mom had picked the call cheerfully. I made small talk as long as I could and then just came out and told her. My mom is a very strong woman but when it comes to me she gets very easily upset. I could sense the concern and more importantly the fear in her voice. The unspoken question she was afraid to ask. “Is it cancer?”. I made it easy for her. Told her even I did not know yet. She then got indignantly angry about me informing her so late and then she probably must have silently dialed her travel agent to book the next flight out. It took me some time to reassure her that as of now I was ok. That I was meeting with anew doctor and it would be at least a week till I had a diagnosis.

Seeing my mom go all quiet, [A feat I am rarely able to accomplish] my dad started speaking to me. I retold the whole long tale to him. What I love about my dad is how realistic he is. His questions are completely different from moms? He questioned me about the doctors, the procedures and plans. Talking to him made me feel so much better. But in all of this I still could hear the slight tremor of concern in his voice. My mom had a cancer scare a couple of years back and I guess to him it felt like his worst nightmare revisited. Mom and me are his life. Both of us happy, well and around is his idea of a good day.

Calls to the rest of my family were not any easier. Everyone was understandably concerned and cheerfully optimistic at it being nothing. I hope for once everyone else is right.


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