The quick update

Just wanted to do a quick update for everyone who have better things in life to do than read my rants. If you want the detailed version you can find it here [fair warning it just an incredibly boring monologue and not at all humorous]. But if you want to go back to discussing how the wrong person won Dancing with the Star or how boring SVU has become without Elliott or how socially aware you have become since Satyamev Jayate has started here is a quick update on my health.

I have completed four of my AC chemotherapy protocol. With AC being the vile chemicals they pump into me and not  the stuff that makes the room really cold. I started my Taxol protocol last Friday. Again has nothing to do with taxes but is just as taxing. This will be weekly for another 11 weeks and then surgery will be scheduled a month after my chemo stops.The AC was the more brutal of the treatments, think of it like a combination of a really vile villain and a mean boot camp sergeant. In comparison Taxol is just a strict librarian who frowns when you talk too loud. Hopefully with this phase of treatment I could resume a lot of my normal life [read spending an abnormally long part of my day on Facebook and watch Full House reruns]

My first chemo had me crying for my Mommy who promptly along with my dad came over and have been with me since. They will be here till end September. The upside getting good food to eat which I am not cooking, the downside is having to eat even when I throw a tantrum and don’t want to.  Thanks so much for all of you who have inquired about me and reminded me through your phone calls. cards, gifts and emails how lucky I am to have such amazing friends in my life. I should be in touch more often now.


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